Whether you are looking to install a single Camera solution for your home, the reception of your office or 30+ Cameras to protect your perimeter, employees, parking lots, assets or entrances in your business, SECURITECH is here to help. We have access to the latest technology from the world's leading manufacturers and install HD systems. You can feel confident that the security of your property is in safe hands with SECURITECH. Our team can take care of every aspect of the design, installation and maintenance of your Camera system. We are always on hand to offer first class technical support to ensure that your system always runs efficiently.

  • Complete planning, design and installation of any type of Camera system.
  • Internal or external Cameras that can be overt or covert.
  • Providing high resolution Cameras colour, monochrome, hi-speed domes and more.
  • Supply of both Analogue and Digital Recording systems
  • Infrared capability to capture video in low light and no light.
  • Anti-vandalism Camera Low Cost, High Resolution.
  • Weather-proof Cameras that can stand up to the rough Canadian climate.
  • Maintenance, repairs, upgrades, service and support for existing systems.
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